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Cosplay news February 2015

World Cosplay Summit 2015

On 7th and 8th February 2015 World Cosplay Summit 2015 preliminaries were held in Hong Kong at C3.  The winners were team Fruit Punch whose members are Akatsuki and Gino and did a performance from Gurren Lagann as Simon and Kamina.  Congratulations!!!  These winners will join other contestants in Nagoya for the World Cosplay Championships held in August.  C3 is a huge Japanese anime and manga event where the Japanese creators bring their latest creations including anime action figures, gaming, and cosplay.  Japanese singers entertain their Chinese friends. There are many conventions like these the world over, these include Comic Con, Dragon Con in the United States; in New Zealand we have Armageddon Expo; Australia has Supanova Expo; Steampunk Expos - you name it.  There are literally loads of them.

Although some of these have been around for decades, it is only recently that Pop Culture has had more emphasis as more people are connected through social media and gaming apps have never been so popular and easy to obtain.  Gaming is also not just for boys anymore, more and more girls are also gaming.  After spending a lot of time being so close to your characters, it is no surprise that you then may want to dress like them and act like them (so to speak).

Simon and Kamina Gurren Lagann
world cosplay summit 2015
world cosplay summit 2015
world cosplay summit 2015

C3 footage - see inside C3 Hong Kong 2015, loads of anime action figures, gaming, Cosplay girls

Looking forward to seeing who the world's best cosplayers are in August 2015!

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