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Cool Games

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The Elder Scrolls Online

So you want to give Elder Scrolls Online a try but you're not sure where to start. Here is a short primer on everything you need to know to jump right in.

1) Choose Your Platform

The first thing you need to do is actually buy the game. The game is available for PC and next-generation consoles as of June 2014. Although the interface has been optimized for use with a controller if you're looking for the absolute best experience get the PC version. You'll likely be able to run the game on better graphics settings even with a mid range computer, the controls will be superior simply because MMORPGs are more suited to a mouse/keyboard, and most importantly you'll be able to use addons.

2) Standard or Imperial Edition

Once you know the platform you prefer you will need to choose the version you'd like. The game comes in two versions - the Standard Edition and the Imperial Edition. The Standard Edition just includes the full game, with 9 races to choose from, each limited to a specific faction. The Imperial Edition gives you access to one additional race, the Imperial, who have free reign to join any faction they choose. This edition also comes with a unique white Imperial horse mount and Mudcrab companion pet.

zygor guides elder scrollszygor guides elder scrollszygor guides elder scrolls

3) Digital or Physical

Once you've decided on the platform you'll need to decide on the format. The game is available digitally and in retail boxed copies. If you're a collector or just prefer to have something more tangible for your hard earned money then the retail version will be the best option. Both versions of the game will be updated via the official client so really the only difference between the two versions is having a box to put on shelf. There is also a big box version of the Imperial Edition which includes a statue and artbooks.

4) Get Yourself A Leveling Guide

Before you enter the world of Tamriel you might want to think about picking up a copy of Zygor's 1-50 Leveling Guide. This is an interactive game that can actually be used inside of the game while you're playing. It features a 3D waypoint arrow that literally points you where to go and the guide itself tells you exactly who to talk to, what quests to accept, how to complete them, and everything else you need to know to power level to 50 in just 5 days.

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VRacer Car Racing Banner
Vracer is all about the detail. Every single element of the game is designed to give you the real experience of driving a race car. Get behind the wheel and that same attention to detail shines just as brightly giving VRacer its billing as 'The Real Driving Simulator'. This is the most realistic and complete racing experience. With its custom physics engine, it allows you the flexibility to try just about every style of racing imaginable.

Simulation game Vracer

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