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An Interview with the very talented 

OMJamie - The ViolinSinger


Direct from Hong Kong, Jamie has been playing violin with the orchestra for many years.  Classical music and violin are generally deemed to be very formal. But OMJamie is performing cover songs with new arrangements and bringing the violin to life in modern pop culture.  His violin is his singing voice.  OMJamie is very talented and the violin itself gives modern songs a very passionate edge.

What sparked your interest to play violin?

An inspiring teacher. At first, I didn’t like to play the violin because you know, my aunt pushed me to learn it.  But later on, for some reasons, I have another teacher.  I don’t know how to put it, but she inspires me what “musical thinking” is.  And I start to fall in love with it and have much better progress.  You know, when you are good at something, you like it more.

Aside from 5SOS what music do you personally like to listen to?

Actually I listen to a wide variety of music, k-pop, j-pop, canton pop.  And I am also a great fan of instrumental music and classical.  You know, cos I have been learning classical music so long.  Recently, I have started to use Spotify and have made playlists for some of the songs that I would listen to more recently.  If you are interested, this is my profile in Spotify: 

What's your favourite anime? (do you watch anime??)

Yes, of course I watch animation.  Who doesn’t like animation? Haha, currently, my number one favourite is Hunter x Hunter. 

What videogame do you play in your spare time?

I am not a big fan of videogame.  But sometimes I do play XBox with my cousin and we love to play Street Fighter.

If you could be a Superhero - who would it be and why?

This one is interesting.  I haven’t thought about it. But if I can choose, I think I would choose to be Spiderman, but I wonder if the Spiderman suit will be very stuffy and makes me sweat so much hahaha

Do you play any sport, what's your favourite sport to watch?

I like playing badminton, but the sport that I do the most is jogging.  I don’t watch sport often, but recently I watched a volleyball match between Japan and China.  This is the first time I go to the sports centre to watch a live match.  It is really breathtaking…OMJ!!!

If I came to your house and looked in your fridge, what would I find?

You’ll see boxes of ice cream and packs of berries, strawberries, blueberry, blackberry. I love berries.

What brand of sneakers do you wear?

The most recent sneakers I bought is AMI.  It is a brand from Paris.  Actually, I was wearing that pair of sneakers for my cover of “One Direction – Story of My Life/Best Song Ever”.  It is green, my favourite colour J

What was the last movie you went to see?

Lucy.  It’s just a crazily surreal.  Well, I need to add “crazily” in front of “surreal” because it is more than “surreal”.

If you were to do a duet / collaboration - who would you most like to do it with?

Tyler Oakley.  He is not a singer or music player.  But I really love his personality and would like to have a chance to do something with him one day.


Jamie's cover of Wind Rises Theme Song

Thank you Jamie for your time and we wish you all the best! 

Please visit iTunes to download OMJamie's music.

Dubstep, Steampunk and EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Back in September 2014 I checked out the iTunes Festival. I saw this mouse figure and thought I would check it out. It turns out the mouse was Deadmau5. It was the only concert I watched and I was sucked into the awesome world of Dubstep. And I kept seeing Skrillex in Youtube comments.  Someone was downing Prodigy and raving about Skrillex.  So I had to investigate. Being a music lover of all time - I am astounded at times why people don't research things.  Although Prodigy is not dubstep it is definitely EDM.  But I have to say Skrillex has the best dubstep music out I know of.  Delving even further I discovered Lindsey Stirling who plays violin with a dubstep backing. I would say she is the most unique artist currently as she combines old fashioned beautiful things with futuristic spunk. Kind of on the verge of Steampunk. Her music videos are awesome.  Speaking of Steampunk - Abney Park are the iconic Steampunk music band.  Playing at all sorts of festivals and conventions.  There is no other band so deeply dedicated to Steampunk.  Every music video sucks you into an alternate world of airships and Steam generated technology.

Do you ever get bored of repetitive Christmas songs each year?  Me too.  I was crazy enough to search Christmas dubstep and HELLO!  Christmas dubstep will be wobbling and dropping at my place.  You can make your own crazy dubstep music using Mixcraft 6, it is so much fun.  You can also teach yourself some cool dubstep dance moves called popping via Youtube.

New Zealand's Lorde


Oh my Lorde!  I loooove Lorde!  I love her songs and I love her look.  When she performs I am reminded of Iceland's Bjork who also had those quirky arm movements.  Lorde who is now 17 is winning the world over with her muscial talent and songwriting skills.  It has been a short, sharp, shift to success for Lorde who wasn't expecting her song Royals to be so successful. Lorde (her real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor) is a modest girl full of mystery and is taking it all in her stride. 

At the 2013 New Zealand Music Awards she won Single of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, People's Choice Award and International Achievement Award.  On December 1, 2014 Lorde performed at the Australian ARIA awards along with Alecia Keys.   At the recent Grammy Awards she won 2 Grammy's (Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance).  She has just received the International Solo Female Artist award at the Brit Awards!  They just keep coming!  I watched the Grammy's on TV and was delighted to see my fellow Kiwi in excellent company - Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Pharrell, Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift (just to name a few).

At 12 years old Ella was noticed by her record producer after she performed at a school talent show.  Her songwriting skills grew out of her love for short story writing.  She is very pedantic about the English language.  In interview's she references Raymond Carver, Tobias Wolffe, Claire Vaye Watkins, Sylvia Plath, and Kurt Vonnegut as her literary heroes.  

Congratulations Lorde! Download Pure Herione today.